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If you live in Adelaide you probably know the benefits of Radio Advertising by now. The audience for internet radio is growing because of a behavioral shift in the way consumers in Adelaide listen. People are changing from listening to traditional radio to listening to streaming stations. Consumers are embracing internet radio on an increasing range of devices. This includes PCs, tablets, mobile devices, connected home appliances and other gadgets. Internet radio is becoming more popular which makes now a good time to consider radio advertising on internet radio broadcast stations.

The benefits of radio advertising on digital radio are:

  • You broaden your audience
  • Your listeners are online and are no longer bound by the limitations of the antenna.
  • Listening time is increased.

Radio Advertising on Internet radio can reach people 24 hours a day while they work, chat, or surf online as long as they have a device that can access the internet. On the flip side the average FM radio listener only spends around 30 minutes listening in the car while travelling during peak hours.

Below are some key reasons to consider radio advertising on Internet Radio.

Cost effective advertising:

  • Radio Advertising on internet radio costs significantly less than advertising on traditional radio stations.

Additional e-commerce opportunities:

  • Research shows that online listeners are more receptive to online advertising and are more likely to buy products online and have more disposable income.

Increased advertising revenues:

  • Advertising messages are reaching a wider market and since audiences are already online, they are more likely to act on call to actions in ads.
  • Users who also listen to Internet Radio are more than 3x more likely than Broadcast Radio-only listeners to take specific action from an advertisement. For example they may search for more information or go to an advertiser’s website.

if you want to try out a new way of advertising then radio adverting on internet radio is the way to go. With its cost effective advertising that reaches a much broader audience than traditional radio, it is a cheaper choice with a much stronger impact on audiences.

For more information hit up Kixx Radio. We are owned and operated locally in Adelaide.