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The Falls Music & Arts Festival

The festival started in 1993, with a small one-day concert, held in Lorne, Victoria, Australia, and was named Rock Above The Falls. The initial event attracted nearly 11,000 people, exceeding the organisers’ expectations, and the organisers negotiated the use of neighbouring land to accommodate the crowd.

In 1995, the event adopted a two-day format, and in 1996 the name was changed to The Falls Music & Arts Festival The 1999 festival was the first to be held off the Lorne site, moved temporarily to the Torquay site of the Offshore Festival due to poor weather.

In 2003, two events were held simultaneously for the first time; one in Lorne, and an additional event at Marion Bay, Tasmania. The same acts played at both events; the 30 December acts who played at Lorne, play 31 December at Marion Bay, and vice versa. Both the Lorne and Marion Bay festivals have continued to run simultaneously and artists continue to be exchanged between the two locations over the course of the festival. Subsequent festivals retained this two-location format.

In 2013 the Byron addition of the event was introduced, increasing the reach of the festival across the country.

The headline acts typically perform in the evening on 30 December and 31 December.

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