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On Your Side (Written & Directed by Ruby Rose)

The Veronicas hail from Brisbane, Australia, where twin sisters Jess and Lisa Origliasso began working in show business at the age of five. Born on Christmas Day in 1984, Jess and Lisa first performed as the Origliasso Twins, and their appearances at awards shows and sporting events drew the attention of agents and talent agencies. As teenagers, the twins released three teen pop albums under the name Lisa & Jessica, and they began making forays into TV after landing recurring roles in the Australian children’s series Cybergirl.

After Jess received a guitar as a birthday present in 2002, though, the girls started devoting more time to songwriting, gradually transforming their sound from pop to alternative rock in the process. With the help of two friends, the Origliasso twins formed a band, Teal, and released “Baby It’s Over,” a hooky single that made the twins sought-after songwriters. After honing their chops by working with several different collaborators, the Origliassos signed a publishing deal and began contributing songs to a number of performers, including Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan, Japanese pop singer Miz, and the Russian group t.A.T.u.

The rest is history!  The Veronicas’ new video literally captures Jessica Origliasso falling back in love with her ex Ruby Rose. Origliasso has confirmed she is dating Rose, after reconnecting romantically on the set of the Veronicas’ On Your Side clip. After hearing the song, which is about staying friendly with ex partners, Rose offered her services to co-write, direct and star in the video. It was filmed in Auckland recently, where Rose is making the movie MEG. Based on the novel Meg: A Novel Of Deep Terror by American sci-fi author Steve Alten, Meg follows the story of deep-sea diver and naval captain Jonas Taylor (Statham), who is dishonourably discharged from the navy after being forced to abort a mission in the Marianas Trench, abandoning half his crew in the process.